Learn how to convert kPa to psi the easy way

Do you know what kPa is?

Well kPa stands for Kilopascal. And as we all know kilo = 1000. so 1kPa is one thousand pascals Learn more about kPa here

Whats psi got to do with it?

Psi is a unit of pressure. psi stands for Pound-per-square-inch. Pound or pound force per square inch (psi, pfsi,) is a commonly used British and American unit  (1 psi = 6,894.76 Pascal).

Here is how to convert kPa to psi

You can do this easily with a calculator, just take the following steps:

  1. Find a calculator, you have one on your phone or computer
  2. Then simply enter the kPa value that you need to convert to psi
  3. Now the magic part, times that number by  0.145037738 and the resulting answer with be the psi

Pretty easy right? wait you want some thing even easier? Wow your lazy.. but ok I'll show you.

You can use an online pressure unit conversion calculator 

There are a few to choose from my favorite one because it works on my phone is convertmpatopsi.com
Here is the link to convert kPa to psi.
Now its as simple as putting in your value in the kPa box and then pressing the convert button,

See even the laziest person can manage that!

I use it for my tire pressure but there are lots of other reasons so have fun converting.