Now learn to convert psi to kPa

We already know what psi and kPa are. They are both units of pressure but one is imperial and one is metric. So it's not easy to switch between the two. So if your ready I'll show you the formula to convert psi to kPa

The psi to kPa formula is kPa = psi x 6.894757

I'm sure you have noticed that is a lot of numbers there after the decimal point. Now it may be important that you don't mess up this calculation, a slip of that decimal place could cause your tire to explode!

Fear not there is a fool-proof method and it's thanks to the internet.

There are now online calculator where all you need to do is enter your psi value and then let the computer do the hard work for you.

This is my favorite online psi to kPa calculator, one bonus is that it works on your mobile phone